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Tips to Combat Prevent Vehicle Theft

Tips to Combat Prevent Vehicle Theft

By adhering to these guidelines, you can mitigate the risk of car theft and contribute to controlling vehicle theft in the UK. Car theft poses a significant concern, impacting numerous individuals annually. However, there are proactive measures that can be implemented to diminish the likelihood of your vehicle being stolen.

Always remember to lock your vehicle upon exiting. This simple yet crucial step is often overlooked but can substantially safeguard your car from theft.

Whenever feasible, opt to park in well-lit areas, preferably within a garage or a monitored car park equipped with security cameras. This enhances the challenge for thieves to steal your vehicle unnoticed.

Maintain vigilance of your surroundings when entering or exiting your vehicle. Should you observe any suspicious activity, promptly contact the police for assistance.

Consider investing in a car alarm or other anti-theft devices, which serve as effective deterrents against potential thieves and bolster the protection of your vehicle.

Steering Wheel Lock - If the car is recovered, it will most likely have expensive damage since a committed thief will angle grind through the lock or, more likely, the steering wheel itself. However, the sight of a steering wheel lock is sufficient to deter the less motivated crook.

Faraday Pouch - As a first line of defence against relay attacks, the Faraday Pouch cocoons your keys and prevents criminals from boosting them. You can use any metal container - a biscuit tin, a filing cabinet, even a microwave, but purpose-made products are more efficient and cost-effective.

Retractable Bollard - It is also important to protect your driveway as it is to protect your vehicle. Once you have parked, retractable bollards ensure that even hotwired vehicles cannot be driven away without resistance. As with any physical security measure, a well organised gang will make short work of most bollards, but many will lose interest.

Park in Your Garage - Garage owners should utilise them, advises the AA. It is not always possible, garages tend to be too small to accommodate the modern SUVs currently targeted by thieves, or full of bicycles, kayaks, and seasonal clobber to be useful for their intended purpose., or have even been turned into home offices. The advantage of having one is that criminals will not even be able to learn that you have a nice car, much less be able to steal it.

Disable Keyless Entry - Many modern cars have a "keyless" element that can be disabled. This will depend on the manufacturer and model of your vehicle. Your dealer (or more likely a bored civic-minded motorist's YouTube video) may be able to assist you.

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