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Detective-X-Observation Mirror

"PRICE INCLUDES CARRIAGE AND V.A.T." The Detective-X Observation Mirror is for indoor use, various sizes available.


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Observation Mirror



The Detective-X observation mirror for Indoor use is ideal for where people circulate, affording observation where medium to large fields of vision are required.

The mirror is manufactured in shock resistant acrylic which protects the metallised mirror coating from scratching. It features a very light construction which eliminates risks associated with glass mirrors.

This mirror is ideal for use in retail outlets, warehouses, public buildings, and manufacturing sites etc.

The Detective-X is supplied complete with 25cm 'J' bracket for easy and fast installation. A 55cm bracket is available as an option, please see under accessories.

‍* Indoor use only

* Excellent image quality

* Easy and quick installation

* Light construction

* Helps reduce accidents and theft

* 5-year guarantee against manufacturing faults‍

Sizes available:

300mm diameter - Maximum Observation from Mirror 2M- Weight 1.7Kgs

400mm diameter - Maximum Observation from Mirror 3M- Weight 2Kgs

500mm diameter - Maximum Observation from Mirror 5M- Weight 2.5Kgs

600mm diameter - Maximum Observation from Mirror 7M- Weight 3Kgs

700mm diameter - Maximum Observation from Mirror 9M- Weight 5Kgs

800mm diameter - Maximum Observation from Mirror 11M - Weight 6Kgs

Acrylic is a transparent thermoplastic homopolymer known more commonly by the trade name “plexiglass.” The material is similar to polycarbonate in that it is suitable for use as an impact resistant alternative to glass (particularly when the high impact strength of PC is not required). It was first produced in 1928 and was brought to market five years later by Rohm and Haas Company. It is generally considered one of the clearest plastics on the market. Some of the first applications were in WWII when it was used for submarine periscopes as well as airplane windows, turrets, and canopies. Airmen whose eyes were injured due to shards of broken acrylic fared much better than those affected by shards of shattered glass.

Acrylic in the modern era and in general is used for a variety of applications that typically take advantage of its natural transparency and the impact resistance of certain variants. Common uses include lenses, acrylic nails, paint, security barriers, medical devices, LCD screens, and furniture. Because of its clarity, it is also often used for windows, tanks, and enclosures around exhibits.

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