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 Bollards: A Brief Overview

Bollards: A Brief Overview

Bollards are a type of post or barrier used to regulate traffic and provide security. They are often seen in places such as parking lots, sidewalks, and around buildings. Bollards are manufactured from a variety of materials, including steel, concrete and plastic.

Bollards serve as physical barriers intended to deter vehicles from accessing certain areas. They are also employed to shield buildings and other structures from potential damage inflicted by vehicles.

Bollards are an important part of any security plan. They can be used to control access to an area, or to provide a visual deterrent to potential intruders. Bollards can also be used to provide a physical barrier between pedestrians and vehicles, or to provide guidance for pedestrians and cyclists. In addition, bollards can be used to provide a visual cue to drivers, alerting them to the presence of pedestrians or cyclists in the area.

Bollards serve as versatile posts utilised for controlling access to specific areas, such as pedestrian walkways, and to safeguard against vehicular intrusion. They are instrumental in protecting structures from potential damage and in delineating parking spaces. Additionally, bollards are pivotal in safeguarding pedestrians and buildings from vehicular traffic, ensuring security in sensitive zones, and regulating traffic flow, both indoors and outdoors, including parks and public spaces.

Aremco Barriers offers a comprehensive range of bollards, including Folding, Removable, Built-In, Floor Mounted, and Telescopic variants, presenting valuable alternatives to fencing, particularly in industrial and warehouse settings. Unlike fencing, bollards often provide superior physical protection.

At Aremco Barriers, we specialise in manufacturing high-quality bollards for security and protection, available in various styles and finishes. Our bollards serve multiple purposes, acting as visual deterrents, separation devices, car security measures, boundary markers, and perimeter protection devices. Whether installed for perimeter defense or to demarcate pedestrian-vehicle boundaries, our bollards prioritise both security and aesthetic appeal.

We understand the importance of bollard installation, ensuring they seamlessly integrate into the surrounding environment without compromising aesthetics. With our range of Security Bollards, you can trust that they will enhance the security of your building or open area while maintaining its overall visual appeal.

Bollards serve as effective visual deterrents.

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