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Bollards for Business: How to Choose

Bollards for Business: How to Choose

Over the years, bollards have become an essential security asset for protecting businesses or saving lives.

Continue reading to learn what a bollard is, the different types of bollards on the market, their purpose, and factors to consider when deciding what kind of bollard to invest in for your business.

What is a Bollard?

Bollards are posts manufactured from various materials that serve as a fantastic security addition to any establishment, whether used internally or externally. While bollards serve as guides to limit vehicular access to certain areas, certain bollards can even withstand the force of crashes. This benefit is great for deterring potential robberies and saving you money in the long run.

Some bollards only service as pedestrian guides, others can keep areas well-lit whil serving a decorative purpose. If you need a bollard that is removable to allow vehicles to reach certain areas, they also exist.

The following businesses would likely benefit the most from investing in and installing bollards:

  • Petrol Stations
  • Department Stores
  • Schools
  • Inside and outside of warehouses
  • Any drive-through lanes
  • Banks
  • Government Buildings and Embassies
  • And many more

Embassies and other sensitive facilities would greatly benefit from high-speed bollards that can withstand drivers that want to storm these locations.

Types of Bollards

There are various types of bollards on the market that serve different functions, whether they are security related, to protect assets, or purley aesthetic. Each type of bollard also has its costs and benefits that you may want to consider when choosing the best one for your business.

Tubular Bollards

The most commmonly used and permanently installed ollards out there are the Tubular Bollards (CHS). Since Tubular Bollards are the strongest out of the available types, they are often used to restrict unwanted vehicle access to particular areas in addition to protecting valuable componets such as walls, doors, electrical areas, and more.

Removable Bollards

Removable bollards are great additions to any sites that often need to manoeuvre their settings to accomodate the current situation. One example could be that a car park is closing for the evening and does not allow any vehicles to enter. You would therefore place the bollards at the entrance/exit. In the morning, you simply remove the bollards and store them.

Furthermore, removing bollards would make maintenance, repainting, or replacing them a lot easier than permanently installed bollards. On top of these benefits, if you want to protect your bollard from potential water damage, you can remove and store them for use later.

Deep Mounted Bollards

Deep Mounted Bollards are installed further into the ground, resulting in increased security for whatever site they are installed in. While this is an amazing benefit, it does have it downsides. For example, more planning is required to make sure that you do not accidently damaged any underground utilities during installation. However, due to the deep mounted bollards deeper roots, they come with higher resistance to more vehicles and higher speeds.

Shallow Mounted Bollards

Shallow Mounted Bollards are a fantastic security tool that you can use to prevent crashes ranging from specific vehicle weights and speeds, depending on which bollard you choose. Another reason you may want to consider these types of bollards, is that you do not dig too far into the ground.

Since these types of bollards require less excavation, there iWhas no need to adjust underground untitilies. This results in an easier installation process that can be done a lot quicker. This added benefit also minimises the downtune usually requied to install a bollard, thus enabling a business to resume quicker.

Operable Bollards (hydraulic, electric, manual)

You can use operable bollards, otherwise known as pop-up bollards in various locations to only allow certain vehicles in at a time. While they function similary to a removable bollard, they do not require manual removal. Instead, you can make it so these bollards sink into an in-ground receiver. Operable bollards are also a great and attractive solution if you need to remove an obstruction for any reason or prevent a potential trip hazard. While this option is generally more expensive, it offer more flexibility than the other options.

Thing to consider when choosing your Bollard

When choosing the best bollard for your business, there are many factors that you need to take into account. These include its purpose, the materials used, ease of installation, and costs.

Purpose of the Bollard

Bollards serve a myriad of purposes that protect not only you and your business, but also your investment. One of these purposes is that bollards protect against potential thieves or terrorists from crashing a vehile through the front of your bulding.

The following are some other important uses that bollards have:

  • If your bollards have the right shape, it can give cyclits an additional security layer since they have a steel post that they can hook their bikes to.
  • Bollards can serve as visual guides for customers to keep vehiclure traffic out of specific areas or let them know where they need to be.
  • Tubular bollards will protect vital building componets such as vulnerable water or gas meters. This purpose prevents any accidents that would result in unneeded expenses.
  • Bollards can be installed inside your establishment and used to protect assets such as shelving, ATMs, refrigeration, and more, from carts, cleaning equipment, forklifts or other unitentional errors that could devestate your business.
  • If you are a business that regularly receives deliveries, bollards can protect buildings from unaware drivers from accidentally reversing their vehicles into your walls or doors.
  • Removable bollards can be used to secure car parks at night when a business is closed, preventing unwanted visitors.

Above all, the benefits of bollards greatly outweigh any costs associated with them since they will deter most thieves abilities to use vehicles for theft and likely prevent damaged to your assets.

Materials Used

When choosing the best bollard for your business, one of the most important factors to consider is the material used to manufacture it.

Some commmon bollard materials are:

  • Concrete
  • Polymer
  • Stainless Steel
  • Wooden
  • Mild Steel


The cost of bollards depends on many factors. They include size, material, and how many of them you require. We recommend spacing bollards 1.2-1.4M apart.


Many people think since bollards are durable enough to withstand vehicle impact, they will not require any maintenance. That is far from the truth. If your bollards are decorative, you may wish to consider maintaining a consistent cleaning and repainting schedule. Otherwise, for security bollards, service them regularly to reinforce their durability. Doing regular maintenance makes it so bollards can continually protect your assets and your people.


Bollards can do a lot for a business, whether it is protecting them from vehicular assaults or preventing unwanted visitors from entering a car park in the middle of the night.

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of how they are made, what they do, and how to choose the best bollards for your needs.

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