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FAQs about Manual Swing Gates

FAQs about Manual Swing Gates

Why do I need a Manual Swing Gate?

For security purposes, determining the size and materials required for the Manual Swing Gate is crucial. If security is your main concern, a sturdy and stable Manual Swing Gate is necessary.

What are Manual Swing Gates generally made of?

Typically, mild steel is used to create durable swing gates with security in mind. Proper maintenance is essential to prevent rusting.

How do Manual Swing Gates work?

Manual swing gates, less expensive than sliding gates, feature adjustable hinges on the main post where the gate is installed. They are relatively maintenance-free due to the absence of motors or electronics.

How Secure are Manual Swing Gates?

Security levels depend on factors like size, material, and access control. Often, the mere presence of a gate can deter intruders. Stronger materials enhance security.

How much do Manual Swing Gates cost?

Cost varies based on size and material requirements.

What are the advantages of Manual Swing Gates?

Manual Swing Gates can open in either direction, facilitating access for pedestrians and vehicles from both sides. They are generally more budget-friendly, with fewer moving parts and simpler installation.

What is the maximum width of a Manual Swing Gate?

For single leaf openings, we recommend up to 6 meters between posts. For double leaf openings, up to 12 meters between posts, typically locked in the center by a removable or fixed post, or a sliding shootbolt with a padlock shroud.

Which way should a Manual Swing Gate open?

Manual Swing Gates should ideally open inwards onto your premises.

Where is the best place to put a Manual Swing Gate?

The ideal location for this gate type is at the end of the protected area, free from obstructions.

Do Manual Swing Gate Posts need to be cemented in?

Yes, cemented foundations offer greater security compared to floor-mounted (bolted) installations.

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