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Do I need Armco Crash Barrier

Do I need Armco Crash Barrier

When considering impact barriers for various applications, the name 'Armco' often comes to mind.

But do you really need an Armco Barrier?

The answer lies in your specific needs and circumstances. Here's where Armco barriers can be effectively used:

  1. Car Parks: Armco barriers are ideal for outlining parking areas and preventing vehicles from encroaching on opposite rows, enhancing safety and organisation in car parks.
  2. Building Protection: Protect buildings in industrial settings, such as factories and warehouses, where vehicles frequently pass close by. Installing Armco barriers can prevent costly damage to walls and structures, offering a more economical solution.
  3. Loading Bays: Armco barriers are crucial in loading bays where large vehicles often reverse. They provide a visible and durable barrier, reducing the risk of vehicles colliding with buildings or equipment during maneuvers.
  4. Machine and Racking Protection: Within factories and warehouses, Armco barriers offer vital protection for racking and machinery. They serve as a barrier against forklifts and other mobile equipment, minimising the risk of damage and injury caused by accidental collisions.

In all these scenarios, Armco barriers provide a robust and cost-effective solution for enhancing safety and protecting assets from potential damage.

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